All that Glitters

All that Glitters

Bag, Hoodie, Sticker, 2018

I showcased my goods design skills at the ‘All That Glitters’ designers’ group poster exhibition, which had a retro theme. For this exhibition, I focused on the concept of ‘Retro Games’ and created embroidery tote bags, hoodies, and stickers that have nostalgia. These products were sold at the exhibition marketplace, and they resonated with visitors who appreciated the unique blend of vintage gaming aesthetics and the exhibition. Participating in this exhibition as a goods designer allowed me to showcase my creativity and engage with the audience through the sale of my designs, creating a fulfilling experience overall.

808% Poster Series


Poster, Motion Poster, 2018-2016

During my tenure as an Art Director for the crew ‘808%’ from 2016 to 2018, I had the opportunity to design promotional party posters. To set ‘808%’ apart from other crews, I infused a unique blend of oriental painting and modern sensibility into the concept. Each poster was meticulously hand-drawn and incorporated pattern graphics for added visual interest. Additionally, I created motion posters, enhancing the promotional impact of the designs.