ASCII Art Archive

SVA MFAD, Type for Masters

Book, Website, Poster, Postcard, 2022

The ASCII Art Archive project reimagines the 100 most searched questions on Google in 2022 as ASCII art graphics. Through this exploration, the project delves into the meaning and significance of ASCII art, which plays a direct role in visualizing the symbolic questions that shape our digital society.

Just as each individual’s presence is diluted in the vastness of the digital landscape, these 100 questions are invisible but omnipresent. The project highlights the role of ASCII art in making the intangible tangible and visualizing these questions in a way that invites us to engage with them.

The project's deliverables include a book, website, poster, and postcard, each of which showcases the ASCII art graphics in a unique and engaging way. Through these different formats, the project invites viewers to consider the ways in which technology shapes our understanding of the world and our interactions with it.