Techno Dogs

Design Workshop

Self-initiate Work, Video, 2016
Music: ZEZE

미국 펑크의 대부 이기팝(Iggy Pop)이 테크노를 혐오하는 발언을 하는 영상에서 영감을 받아 음악가 ZEZE가 만든 곡을 위한 영상. 이기팝이 Techno Dogs라고 외치는 유명한 영상 클립을 활용하여 비공식 뮤직비디오를 만들었다.

This is an unofficial music video for a song called ‘Techno Dogs.’ Electronic musician Zeze, who created the music, was inspired by the interview of famous American singer Iggy Pop, who shouted ‘techno dogs’ because he hated techno music so much. Video contains a lot of glitch effects such as skeletons, puppet fights, and glitch screens as a role of the sarcastic figure to the techno music. Yet, paradoxically, it plays a role in expressing the charm of techno music.