DoubleA Seoullo

Client: DoubleA

Invitation Card, Leaflet, Package, Paper Toy,
Poster, Banner, website, 2018
Video: DoubleA
Photo: inspire/d

더블에이의 서울로 행사를 위한 디자인. 메인 캐릭터와 행사에 필요한 각종 배너, 설치물 등을 작업하였으며, 페이퍼토이, 리플렛 등 관람객들을 위한 굿즈를 디자인했다.

Design for DoubleA's event which was held in Seoullo. I made the main character, various banners and installations needed for the event, and designed the goods for visitors such as paper toys and leaflets.