UNICEF Hope Ring

Client: UNICEF Korea

Website, 2019
Thank You Video: UNICEF Korea

유니세프 코리아의 유니세프 호프링 캠페인을 위한 웹사이트 디자인. 이는 호프링의 3차 웹사이트이며, 실제 후원자들의 인터뷰와 스토리텔링을 중심으로 디자인했다.

This is a website for UNICEF Korea’s ‘Hope Ring’ campaign. The purpose of this website is to focus on interviews with actual sponsors. In addition to UNICEF’s key color, UNICEF blue, it used colors such as purple, yellow, and green to express a bright atmosphere. By highlighting the sponsors’ confidence and attractive attitude alongside the images of children who became happy with UNICEF’s aid, it drew many younger generations to new sponsorship.
This website won the Winner Prize at the ‘GDWEB Design Awards,’ a website design award in Korea.