UNICEF Team Bracelet

Client: UNICEF Korea

Bracelet, 2019
Video: UNICEF Korea
Photo: inspire/d

유니세프 코리아의 유니세프 팀 캠페인을 위한 팔찌 굿즈 디자인. 강한 의지와 상징성을 굵은 로프와 참 디자인을 통해 표현했다. 2019년부터 UT 캠페인 후원자들을 위한 굿즈로 사용되고 있다.

This is a bracelet design for UNICEF Korea’s ‘UNICEF Team’ campaign. I took charge of the whole process, from selecting material to design. Thick strings symbolized the UNICEF’s strong will to help children, and ‘UNICEF Team’ engraved on the charm was designed to sponsors feel pride and belonging. This bracelet has been used as a souvenir for the UNICEF Team campaign since 2019.