Concern Worldwide WIT

Client: Concern Worldwide

Website, Postcard, Sticker, 2020

컨선 월드와이드의 WIT(Whatever It Takes) 캠페인을 위한 웹사이트 디자인. 묵직하고 어두운 무드를 살려 결연함을 강조할 수 있도록 디자인함. 또한 WIT 캠페인을 통해 유입된 신규 후원자를 위한 엽서, 스티커 굿즈를 작업함.

This website is designed for the WIT campaign. WIT, short for Whatever It Takes, was a campaign of Concern Worldwide in 2020. The overall color tone is dark to express their seriousness and heavy attitude toward the global hunger problem. With bold fonts and strong interaction effects, it emphasizes the determination of Concern and may draw the audience’s attention.