Savasana Music Festival

SVA MFAD Type for Masters Team Project

Branding, Website, Package, Poster, Banner, Card, Bag, 2022

담당 역할: 컨셉 및 그래픽 총괄 디렉팅, 키 비주얼 및 시스템 설정, 모바일 초대장, 티켓, 모션, 웹&모바일
사바사나라는 요가의 휴식 자세에서 이름을 딴 사바사나 요가&뮤직 페스티벌은 요가 음악을 컨셉으로 한 가상의 축제이다. 스위스 국제 디자인 양식을 표현 양식으로 설정하여 가상의 음악 페스티벌의 브랜딩을 디자인했다.

Role in charge: Directed general concept and graphics, Key visuals and graphic system, mobile invitation, ticket, motion, web&mobile.
Savasana Yoga&Music Festival is a special music festival that involves yoga and meditation performance.
Savanna is a representative posture of yoga - Like lying on the ground. And It is a practice of relaxing the mind and stretching the tension of muscles. People who are exhausted in their lives can relax and relieve stress by doing yoga with meditation music at the Savasana festival.
The location will be Governors Island in New York, which is a very quiet place compared to Manhattan.